EHX-HP High-Pressure Electric Heat Exchangers

The EHX-HP series of high pressure electric heat exchangers are designed to provide immediate and continuous hot water for a range of commercial and industrial washing and processing applications.
Available for manual and automated operation, these systems feature non direct-immersion screw-plug heating elements with Incoloy sleeves, and heavy wall, stainless steel heat exchange coil(s) provide for consistent performance and reliability, operator safety, all with little or no maintenance service required.
Operation & Design:
  • Non-pressurized design is vented to atmosphere for inherent safety (not subject to boiler code or rating)
  • High pressure heat exchange coil(s) rated up to 4000 psi operating pressure.
  • Individual heating elements are branch fused.
  • Can be integrated with a high pressure pumping or washing system, or remotely located in individual cleaning areas and operating environments.
Standard Features:
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger tank with single and dual 0.049” heavy-wall heat exchanger coils, low water level shutdown with indicator light, factory pre-set digital temperature controller, and system on/off control switch.
  • Powder coat painted carbon steel frame assembly with high-density insulation and aluminum plate panels.
Options (incl. Factory Added):
  • Motor control for pumping system --3 h.p. to 20 h.p.
  • Solenoid-controlled auto fill system with level switch.
  • Food-grade and corrosive environment designs (stainless steel exterior with marine grade hardware).
  • LINE-X® temperature and corrosion resistant high density coating for severe environments.
  • Custom built systems and code-compliant designs and componentry (ASME B31.1, CSA B51, D.N.V., ASTM Industrial and Marine coatings) available to meet specific application and performance requirements.