Engineered Pumping and Pressure Washing Systems

FLOWMATIC® Engineered Pumping and Pressure Washing Systems are designed and built to meet specific operating, environmental, and code standards requirements, including ASME Piping Standards (B31.1 - Power Piping, B31.3 - Process Piping), CSA B51 (Pressure Piping), ASTM E23 and E709 (Charpy V-Notch and Mag Particle testing), ASTM F718 and ASTM F941 (Industrial and Marine Protective Coatings), and DNV 2.7.1 (Load Lift and Vertical Impact testing) to name but a few.

Available in both stand-alone and integrated designs, our systems can be supplied with Variable Frequency Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers, integrated high pressure heat exchangers, modular frame assemblies, and certified pressure boundary material.

In addition, we provide the following add-on services:
  • Certified shop drawings
  • Bill of materials, including validation & traceability
  • NDT and DPA testing/analysis and reports
  • Performance testing and validation
  • IOM (Installation/Operation/Maintenance) manuals
  • Project consulting

With years of experience and a clear focus on our customers’ needs, we offer effective and proven solutions for your custom or critical application.

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