Machinery - Hot Water Products

All-Electric Pressure Washing Systems

The ROCKET series of electrically heated pressure washing systems are built for the toughest of applications. Industrial-duty pumps & components, heavy wall stainless steel heat exchange coils & tanks, and the highest quality control provide for consistent performance and maximum productivity for both single and multi-user operation.
Machinery - Cold Water Systems

Cold Water Stationary Systems

FLOWMATIC® CWS pressure washing systems are designed and built to operate in the toughest of applications and environments. Available in single and multi-gun models, the CWS product range is field tested and proven, and offers the right selection to meet almost any single and multi-user cold water cleaning requirement.
Machinery - Engineered Solutions

Multi-Gun Washing Systems

The FLOWMATIC® VFD multi-gun washing system provides the versatility and reliability demanded in today’s toughest cleaning applications. Designed for multi-user operation and environments, the VFD-series systems are built to meet specific design and performance requirements, ensuring maximum productivity and cost-effective cleaning.

Truck-Mounted Mobile Washing Systems

Available in stationary and portable designs, all FLOWMATIC® Truck Mounted Washing Systems are built to provide continuous hot water, under controlled conditions and with maximum operator ease.

Cold Water Portable Systems

FLOWMATIC® CWP portable pressure washing systems are a step-up from consumer-grade. Designed for commercial applications, these systems feature proven, reliable components.

FLOWMATIC® Engineered Systems

FLOWMATIC® Engineered pumping and pressure washing systems are designed and built to meet specific performance, environmental and design code requirements, including ASME B31.1, CSA B51 and NEMA/IEC explosion-proof.

High-Pressure Heat Exchangers

The FLOWMATIC® EHX-HP series of high pressure electric heat exchangers are designed to provide immediate and continuous hot water for a range of commercial and industrial washing and processing applications.

High-Capacity Heat Exchangers

The EHX-HCLP series of high capacity, low and medium pressure electric heat exchangers allow for high flow rates of hot water at pressures of up to 1200 psi, and are designed for use in continuous duty or harsh process and production environments.